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April 1 2018

New questions over CV posed to Australian MP

The case last year involving Barry Urban illustrates again that it is still easy for applicants to claim qualifications they have no right to, and even in government roles!

A second British university cast doubt on the academic qualifications of Labor MP Barry Urban.  Portsmouth University, where Urban claims to have been awarded a post-graduate degree in police studies, has told the Australian website that it has no record of Mr Urban.  “I have been unable to locate any student record with the details as given below,” Portsmouth University’s student records administrator said .

Leeds University has already confirmed it could find no evidence that the Labor MP received a bachelor of arts in health and physical education, which he claims in several documents.

The latest concerns about Mr Urban’s background comes as a photograph surfaced that shows the MP in a United Nations uniform, which suggests he served in Cyprus in the late 1980s, as stated on his resume.  The photos were published in July in a local newspaper in Mr Urban’s electorate. His service in Cyprus has not been disputed, but still in doubt are his claims of being a war crimes investigator for the UN in Bosnia.

Mr Urban lied about how he obtained the fake police medal, which he has worn at Anzac Day and Remembrance Day services.  He initially blamed British police for sending him the wrong medal before admitting to buying it from a Perth military shop.