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April 4 2018

Employers are sleepwalking into GDPR abyss

Organizations are "sleepwalking towards a GDPR abyss", a new report warns, with 60 percent of companies saying they are unprepared for the EU's GDPR with less than four months until implementation.

The report from software technology firm Senzing said that 60 percent of UK organizations were not yet "GDPR ready", while 24 percent were deemed "GDPR at risk".

According to the report, companies could be forced to spend eight hours a day, or 172 hours a month, on data searches after the implementation of the GDPR, with 39 percent of UK-based directors saying they were concerned about their ability to be compliant. More than one in 10 of UK companies said they were not confident they knew where their data was housed, while 12 percent reported that they had not accounted for all databases.