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October 12 2017

Barclays Accused Of Illegal Screening Of Job Applicants

According to a federal-court class action lawsuit filed by Outten & Golden LLP and Youth Represent, unlawful screening of job applicants at the Barclays Center, Brooklyn, violates federal and state law.

Barclays Events Center does business as Barclays Center, Levy Restaurants, Inc., and Professional Sports Catering LLC. The lawsuit alleges that Barclays used "flawed and discriminatory criminal history screening policies and practices."

This is the first of its kind class action suit to challenge an employer's violation of New York City's Fair Chance Act. Plaintiff Felipe Kelly alleges that Barclays refused to hire him after subjecting him to a criminal background check. He was never provided with the "Fair Chance Notice", a requirement of the New York City law.