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November 28 2017

Records Of 245 Jamaicans Expunged

The criminal records of 245 Jamaicans were expunged from April to June this year, with a total of 570 records expunged this year to date.

The expungement process, under the Criminal Records (Rehabilitation of Offenders) Act, helps individuals who committed minor offenses and who have since obeyed the law in reintegrating into society. Having convictions removed from records can increase an individual's earning capacity, as employment in certain industries, such as education, tourism, security, and transportation require a clean police record.

Under the Act, minor offenses can be cleared from a record after a specified period of rehabilitation, from between five and 20 years from the date of the termination or imprisonment, or payment of a fine. The process includes completing an application to the ministry in writing and paying a $3,000 fee.