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June 21 2017

One fifth of employers reject candidates due to online activity

One in five employers has rejected a prospective job candidate because of something they have seen in their online activity, claims new research from YouGov Omnibus.
The most common reasons for candidates being turned down from a job opportunity were for aggressive or offensive language - 75 percent said this would discourage them from hiring someone.
More than 70 percent of employers would be put off by references to drug use, while more than half would consider not hiring someone because of bad spelling and grammar.
Other reasons included photos of drunk behavior (47 percent), political views|activity (29 percent), general over-sharing of content (29 percent), and vanity (26 percent).
LinkedIn profiles are the most popular website for checking job candidates, with almost half of surveyed employers using the platform to screen potential employees, while 46 percent look at Facebook and 28 percent view Twitter.