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June 21 2017

APAC companies struggling to attract top talent

Although labour market activity is increasing in the Asia-Pacific, employers in the region are struggling to attract and retain top talent, according to surveys by Willis Towers Watson (WLTW).
Nearly half of Asia Pacific firms said that hiring has increased over the last year, according to WLTW's 2016 Global Talent Management and Rewards Survey. However, employers said they are experiencing difficulty attracting critical-skill employees (63%), top performers (73%) and high-potential employees (72%).
They also reported challenges in retaining high-potential employees (69%), top performers (65%) and critical-skill employees (58%). Results also revealed that 65% of Asia-Pacific employees said their immediate manager or supervisor treats them with respect.
Only 57% said their managers clearly communicate goals and assignments, and 6 in 10 employees answered that their managers are effective at developing talent and leading change.