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April 24 2017

Florida Employers - Here Comes Medical Marijuana - Are You Ready?

Floridians voted to pass Amendment 2 to legalize marijuana, a change that will expand what has been a very narrow right in the state to be treated with low dose THC cannabis. 

Under the new amendment, a "qualified patient" is permitted to use or handle medical marijuana. Accepted conditions include cancer, HIV, AIDS, ALS and multiple sclerosis, among others. 

The amendment also allows doctors to prescribe the use of marijuana to treat other debilitating medical conditions. Because the drug is still illegal under the federal Controlled Substances Act (CSA), a physician must provide certification for a "qualified patient," which can then be taken to a Medical Marijuana Treatment Center. 

The amendment does not require employers to allow use of the drug and may require a drug test when an employee is in an accident at work.