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| Recruitment
April 24 2017

44 Percent Of Irish Employees Are Likely To Move Jobs In The Coming 18 Months

According to a Fastnet survey, almost half of Irish employees are likely to move jobs in the coming 18 months with career acceleration and professional development ranking above financial rewards and flexibility for both male and female talent considering a career move.

The survey shows that a clear career development path in a role is very attractive and important to both male and female employees, although men were far more likely to be motivated by a performance related bonus compared to women.

More than double the number of employees would prefer to work for a startup company rather than work in the public sector and not-for-profit organizations. The survey also revealed that female employees are twice as likely to stay in a role compared to their male counterparts.

Flexibility in the workplace is a key motivator for female employees, with more than three quarters ranking flexi-working hours and remote working as the number one factor when considering a new role.