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October 11 2016

When in Doubt, Shred Documents Containing Personal Data, says Singapore Privacy Watchdog

"Paper containing personal information must be shredded into small pieces and not dumped in unsecured dumpsters. Similarly, personal data stored on electronic media such as computer hard disks, USB drives or DVDs must be wiped clean using specialised software to avoid accidental data leak. The clarifications, contained in new advisory guidelines issued to organisations, have come from Singapore's privacy watchdog. The Commission said organisations should build up the habit of shredding documents among employees. It also recommended industrial shredders with cross-cutting capability, allowing paper to be sliced in at least two different directions. This creates small individual pieces of paper that are harder to reassemble.

The Commission also addressed in detail the risk of becoming a target for ""dumpster diving"" or theft, saying documents being sent for destruction should not be kept in unsecured boxes or containers. Organisations that fail to protect consumers' personal data can be fined up to $1 million per breach."