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October 11 2016

Chile Should Amend Privacy Law to Meet EU Standards

"Chile's antiquated data protection law has drawn the ire of the European Union and is well behind that of other South American countries' standards. However, the Chilean legislature has heard the plea for increased data security and privacy standards and is looking to move towards a modern model.

President Michelle Bachelet announced that lawmakers will begin discussing improvements to the nations' data protection and privacy law. Regulating data use is necessary to develop Chile's digital economy and the proposed law will strike ""the right balance between privacy and transparency,"" she said.

Absent some fundamental change to the law, Chile will be unable to effectively compete for Spanish language services outsourced from the EU, such as customer call centers for Spanish banks. In short, the EU will continue to consider Chile as providing an inadequate level of protection for personal information unless the framework law changes. But whether those substantial changes will reach fruition remains unclear."