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May 26 2016

More Than 50% of UK Employees Feel they Must Switch Jobs to Get a Pay Rise

Some employees think it is better to choose a different path at a new job rather than ask for a salary change. Nearly 50% of employees globally say their employers still do not share pay data internally, according to the Glassdoor 's Salary Transparency Survey. Furthermore, the majority of employees in the UK (69%) wish they had a better understanding about what fair pay actually is for their position and skill set at their company and in their local market. More than half of employees in the UK (57%) believe they must switch companies in order to make a meaningful change in their compensation. Perception among employees may be that the grass is greener elsewhere, as many believe they could earn more at another company�an important message to employers. The majority of UK employed adults (74%) believe salary transparency is good for employee satisfaction and approximately the same% (76%) believe it is good for business.