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May 26 2016

Operation Magnify

For much of 2015, the UK Government has focused its attention on illegal workers, over-stayers and rogue employers. Over the last couple of months, the Home Office have been running 'Operation Magnify ' to target those companies employing 'lower-skilled ' labour, such as construction sites, care homes and cleaning companies and check for illegal workers. Since the announcement of Operation Magnify, the renewed focus has certainly been demonstrated by a number of high-profile and unannounced raids by Home Office immigration officers which have received wide-spread coverage in the press. Take the following steps to protect your business: 1. Make sure your employee on-boarding process includes robust checks. 2. Keep records up to date and store document securely. 3. Be transparent about your document checks. Increasingly stringent regulations, coupled with potential fines of ?20,000 per illegal employee and the negative publicity surrounding a raid means that document checks are something that no company can ignore. All employers need to make sure that they have processes in place to adhere to the most current legislation and prove their compliance.