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March 29 2016

Do you care about Chinese privacy law? You should.

The business case for understanding Chinese privacy law is clear. With China's growing economic power and large consumer base, any international company seeking to profit from consumers in the region should expend resources on understanding how best to succeed in the Chinese market. This means that privacy officers must pay close attention to how privacy law is developing in China, both to keep up with current developments and to stay ahead of the curve by proactively implementing strategic policies.
This three-part series will provide a basic privacy practitioner's guide to privacy law in China. The last post summarized the basic status of privacy laws and regulations in China. This next post will delve into the cultural and historical factors that influence the development and application of Chinese privacy law. The next post in this series will provide practical privacy considerations, based on these cultural factors, that should be studied by any company trying to do business in China.