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January 12 2016

Didn't Think Executives Lied On CVs? We Name Seven Who Faced Consequences

In terms of resumes, lies are on the rise. And while you might think that lying on resumes is less common among candidates for senior management jobs, it turns out that it's actually easier for them to do.

This is according to Jay Meschke, president of CBIZ Human Capital Services, who claimed that by the time the manager gets to the fourth or fifth interviewee, he|she is already convinced he|she wants you. "Meanwhile, no one has really read your resume very carefully," Meschke added. "Or at all."

A list of businessmen who've inflated their resumes to gain advantage in the corporate world includes: Scott Thompson, CEO of Yahoo!, Ronald Zarrella, CEO of Bausch & Lomb, David Edmondson, CEO of RadioShack; Jack Grubman, executive analyst at Salomon Smith Barney; Jeffrey Papows, president of IBM's Lotus; Albert Dunlap, president of Nitec; and Kenneth Lonchar, CFO of Veritas Software.