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August 4 2016

Innovation Nation: Hong Kong 's Eyes on the Future

"Energy, ingenuity and international outlook make Hong Kong a fertile territory for success, says Peter Mathieson, president of the University of Hong Kong. Hong Kong has low taxation, high employment, a permissive regulatory framework and uncensored communications. It also has a creative ""can-do"" spirit, an enviable track record of adaptability and resilience and excellent supplies of talented, educated, often bilingual or trilingual youngsters. Hong Kong has a university system that annually produces vast numbers of graduates brimming with ideas, enthusiasm and energy. There are examples in Asian culture that Hong Kong can collaborate with and learn from. We simply need to provide the environment for them to flourish. Of course, this will require expansion of current infrastructure and more funding, public and private, but Hong Kong has the insight to realise that it will need to adapt in order to compete."