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August 4 2016

Criminal Records System Computerized in Jamaica

The Jamaica Constabulary Force 's (JCF) criminal records system is now computerized at a cost of approximately $98.1 million. Established through funding from the Government of the United Kingdom (UK) the electronic database replaces the manual format of documentation at the Criminal Records Office on Duke Street in Kingston. The facility now enables the JCF to streamline the collation and storage of new and existing data, and their retrieval for use in investigations and court hearings, among other proceedings. The collaboration between Jamaica and the UK also facilitated training in the use of the technology by several JCF officers. Installation of the electronic database is the first of two phases of support being provided through the UK-based ACRO Criminal Records Office. The second will entail further development of the JCF 's fingerprint database for which over $134 million in additional financing support will be provided by the UK Government 's Home Office Conflict, Stability and Security Fund.