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August 4 2016

Is Brazil Finally Walking Towards a General Data Protection Law?

After almost six years, two public consultations and one day before being suspended from office due to an impeachment process, President Dilma Rousseff sent to Congress the Draft Bill on Personal Data Protection, which was transformed into the House of Deputies Bill 5276|2016 and will follow a shortened legislative procedure after being attributed to a constitutional urgency regime. Brazil might have its General Data Protection Law approved within the next three months if no surprises take place, such as comprehensive amendments or the constitutional urgency is not withdrawn by the provisional Presidency. Therefore, after six years, its internalization by both houses of the National Congress through their own legislative initiatives, the revitalization of the debates throughout 2015, the constitutional urgency attributed to one of three initiatives, and the apolitical declarations in favor of the topic, it is possible to conclude without a doubt that Brazil walks in a never before seen pace to finally have a General Data Protection Law.