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October 6 2015

Three-Fourths Of Indian Companies Plan To Increase HR Spending

The years 2015-16 could spell great fortunes for all HR service providers. If a global survey by Deloitte gets it accurate, around 74% of Indian companies will increase their investment on HR in the next 12-18 months. The survey indicates that around 18% of Indian companies claim to have a plan to increase their HR budget by more than 5%, while a whopping 57% of Indian companies will augment their HR spend by 1-5%. Around 23% will maintain a status quo and only 3% will reduce their HR budget. India 's market seems to be on a positive note vis-?-vis other global companies as only 56% of the respondent companies plan to increase their HR budget, and 35% want to maintain a status quo. Around 8% of companies, globally, plan to decrease their budget.