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October 6 2015

The Far-Reaching Impact Of Axact 's Misdeeds

Axact CEO, Shoaib Shaikh, used Axact 's platform to lecture his audiences on how the company would transform Pakistan. How Bol, the TV channel, will cause a social revolution. Now he stands arrested � accused of fraud and acquiring wealth by deception. Axact 's premises were stuffed with blank foreign degrees, bogus authentication certificates and other documentation, all now in the hands of the FIA as evidence in the investigation into this multimillion-dollar global fraud. If Axact 's management could provide an independently audited breakdown of each unit 's finances, it could hope to claw back some credibility but that is unlikely. The consequences of Axact 's crimes are far-reaching. The Internet age has made it easier for anyone to hide behind legal loopholes. An immoral act though, will always be immoral and illegitimate in any society.