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November 24 2015

Reasonable Suspicion' A Preferred Option To Random Drug Testing

Supervisors should undergo reasonable suspicion training to enforce drug-free workplace policies and ensure worker safety, speakers said during the 2015 California Workers' Compensation & Risk Conference in Dana Point, California. Employers' written substance abuse policies should state that the use, possession or sale of alcohol or illegal drugs isn't allowed on company property or during business hours, and that employees may not report to work while under the influence, said Bernadette M. O'Brien, partner at Floyd, Skeren & Kelly L.L.P. Employers should include that violating the policy can lead to disciplinary measures, such as termination, she added. Reasonable suspicion-based drug testing is a better option for employers than random drug testing, which isn't even permitted in California. Dealing with legalized medical marijuana is also proving to be challenging for workers compensation professionals, speakers said.