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November 24 2015

Almost 1 In 3 Lawyers In India Are 'Fake, ' Claims Top Bar Official

"Nearly a third of all lawyers in India are ""fake,"" the head of the country 's legal regulator has said. Manan Kumar Mishra, the chairman of the Bar Council of India (BCI), made the startling revelation during a recent speech. ""Thirty percent of all lawyers are fake, who either hold fraudulent degrees or are nonpracticing persons and 20% of those who sport lawyers ' robes do not have proper degrees,"" Mishra said. ""Fake lawyers and nonpracticing law graduates are degrading the standards of the profession."" The spread of ""fake"" lawyers, Mishra added, was also causing disruptions in the legal system. ""Strikes on petty issues have become a regular phenomenon due to such persons,"" he said, ""We are serious about this and will take stiff action."""