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| Health & Social Care
November 24 2015

Child's Death Prompts Lawsuit Against Childcare Referral Company

Hiring the right person to care for your kids and elderly parents is one of the most difficult decisions to make. And now a popular website that connects families and caregivers is facing questions about the thoroughness of its background checks.

In March of 2014, former nanny Sarah Cullen was convicted of felony child abuse leading to the death of 4-month old, Cash Bell. Cullen was sentenced to spend up to 70 years in prison. Cash's parents filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Cullen's previous daycare employer and

The lawsuit alleges that the background check Cash's parents paid for through did not reveal a drunk driving conviction. The Bells claim had they known about the conviction, they would never had hired Cullen as their nanny. The case has raised questions about how goes about screening potential caregivers.