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| Public Sector
June 5 2015

Public Servants Face Credit Checks, Fingerprinting In New Security Screening Regime

"Treasury Board spokeswoman Lisa Murphy says a criminal record check is part of the new assessment for some public servants and 'may include an RCMP requirement to obtain the individual 's fingerprints if deemed necessary by the functions of the position. '

Unions representing federal public servants are up in arms over the government 's plans to do credit checks of new and current public servants as part of its revamped security clearance screening process. ""An assessment of the trustworthiness and reliability of all individuals accessing sensitive information and|or assets must be undertaken to protect the interests and security of the government of Canada,"" Murphy said. ""A credit check will be reviewed as part of that assessment, in addition to other information to assist in assessing an individual 's reliability and trustworthiness."""