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June 5 2015

The Long Arm of E-Verify Monitoring and Compliance

"The latest and greatest E-Verify enhancements for FY2015, include enhanced ""data analytics"" which enable DHS to closely monitor and prevent potential misuse. Many HR Managers were oblivious to DHS' Monitoring and Compliance (M&C) branch, and all of the associated (scary) audit E-Verify system. Shortly after implementation began the comments were heard from unsuspecting HR managers:
""I thought there was no enforcement with E-Verify. That's why I signed up.""
""What happens if I make a few mistakes? Will I then be subjected to an audit?""
""How many audits have they conducted, and how have they turned out?
And like clockwork, the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) just published a new report which sheds some light on M&C's recent compliance activity during the past few years and the potential consequences of misusing the system. Have you been contacted by the E-Verify M&C unit and wondered why? Are you concerned about the potential repercussions? Read-on to learn all about this ""silent"" E-Verify enforcement tool and what it may mean for your organization.
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