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January 21 2015

"Party City to ""Ban The Box"" During Hiring Process After Attorney General's Investigation"

"Party City has reached a settlement with New York 's Attorney General's office to ""Ban the Box"" during their hiring process. Attorney General Eric Schneiderman said in a statement that the company, which employs 5,000 people in 49 stores across the state, must change its hiring policies as a result of the settlement to:

  •  Conduct training for employees to ensure fair consideration of all job applicants,
  •  Conduct outreach and recruiting efforts with non-profits that specialize in job training and rehabilitation of individuals with criminal records,
  •  Reconsider applications from hundreds of former applicants who may have been denied employment opportunities unlawfully,
  • Submit periodic reports to verify its continued compliance with the law for a period of three years, and
  •  Pay a $95,000 penalty
"An applicant's criminal history does not give employers a right to slam the door in his face," Schneiderman said, adding that employment opportunities reduce recidivism."