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August 4 2015

Tens of Thousands of Foreign Criminals Arrested in UK have Police Records in Their Own Country

Nearly 30,000 foreigners arrested in Britain over the past year turned out to have police records in their own country. And that 's just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the growing influx of criminals - including murderers and rapists - crossing our borders with ease. Because a Sunday Mirror investigation revealed that out of a shocking total of 190,000 foreign nationals arrested here in the last 12 months, fewer than half (46%) had their homeland backgrounds checked by police forces. The frightening figures from criminal records office ACRO, emerge in the wake of a series of terrifying crimes carried out by migrant offenders who have hidden their past from British authorities. And Labour 's Shadow Immigration Minister David Hanson vowed to raise the ACRO figures with Home Secretary Theresa May.