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August 4 2015

Criminal Record Expungement: Saving Grace Or Catastrophic Lapse In Judgment?

Another stark reminder of how seriously our justice system takes qualifications fraud presented itself when former police spokesperson, Vincent Mdunge was sentenced to five years imprisonment. Mdunge was caught red-handed when he presented a fake matric certificate in order to further his studies at UNISA and gain promotion in the police. While the Judge acknowledged that he was a first time offender, she still threw the proverbial book at him during sentencing. How then is it possible that the criminal record expungement debate has reared its head again, with the possibility of even further amendments to the law? It seems contradictory to allow for more criminal record expungement while we deliver a rightfully heavy blow to those that lie on their CVs to get the jobs that they aren 't qualified for. A poorly thought out criminal record expungement process could have disastrous consequences.