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| Transportation
April 21 2015

Background Check Of Cab Drivers In Mumbai: Of 26,901 Cabbies Only 836 Get Green Signal

Out of 26,901 taxi drivers who were being investigated by the Mumbai police as part of a character verification drive after the Uber cab rape in New Delhi, only 836 managed to get character certificates from the Mumbai police.

The Mumbai police started this exercise to check and verify the background of all taxi drivers - public and private - after the Uber incident. However, after nearly two months, the police got details of around 26,901 taxi drivers from the RTO, out of which 20,237 had to be sent back as the addresses were incomplete. The Uber rape victim accused Uber in a lawsuit filed in US court of failing to properly investigate the alleged assailant's background. Protesters in India called for a permanent ban of Uber.