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October 28 2013

Fraud Landscape Tips

"Use of fake identity details, or the impersonation of an innocent victim (identity fraud) now accounts for 52% of all fraud. That is according to frauds recorded by cross-sector members of CIFAS - the UK fraud prevention trade association, during the past 12 months. ""CIFAS has long highlighted that data is the cornerstone of the fraudster's trade,"" said Richard Hurley, CIFAS Communications Manager. ""With two thirds of all recorded fraud now relating to the abuse of identity details, the message is clearer than ever, ?said Hurley. ""Organisations and individuals must develop new ways of safeguarding their personal data, otherwise they effectively provide the fraudster with a licence to steal money."" CIFAS says that you can reduce the risk of your details falling into criminal hands by keeping your personal details to yourself. Here are some tips: Treat your personal details as something to be looked after. If you use social networking sites, limit the amount of information you give away and activate tough privacy settings. Only enter your personal details into secure websites belonging to organisations you know and trust. Make sure your computer has an up-to-date firewall and is protected by anti-virus and anti-spyware programmes. ""Organisations must always play their part, and CIFAS always calls for them to invest in strong preventative measures to combat fraud,"" adds Hurley. ""But there is much that individuals themselves can do to help."""