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August 12 2013

Malaysia Boleh

"Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak has alluded to the spirit of ""Malaysia Boleh"" or ""Malaysia Can"", when describing the country's progressive economic strategies. Malaysia continues to be a growing knowledge and service-based economy but challenges including a lack of workforce planning and insufficient investment in staff training and development could present barriers to progress in 2013, recruitment consultancy Hays has found. Also, the HR function in many organisations in Malaysia is still viewed as an administrative one. That perceived lack of credibility leaves fewer people wanting to go into the profession. Corporations in Malaysia constantly need quality talent to drive the country's national economic transformation programme (ETP). But finding that talent can be difficult. In this respect, the formation of TalentCorp Malaysia is testament to the close partnership between industry and government. The body's mandate includes providing incentives to bring skilled Malaysians back from overseas, and also building other channels to create a smooth supply of deployable talent in specific vocational areas. ""We are, however, moving in the right direction and glad to see that HR is increasingly being viewed as a value-add and strategic complement to the business in mainly multinational companies,"" says Kristoffer Paludan, Manager, Michael Page."