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September 1 2010

EmployeeScreenIQ announces strategic alliance with UK's Verifile Ltd.

HR Vendor news reports how a North American background screening provider EmployeeScreenIQ has formed a strategic alliance with Verifile Ltd, the UK’s leading provider of CV Verification & Background Screening Services.

The partnership will allow EmployeeScreenIQ clients with a European presence to streamline their screening efforts through local support, reinforce local privacy laws and align them with the top service standards they currently experience in the U.S. Likewise, EmployeeScreenIQ will offer the same support for Verifile’s clientele with a U.S. presence.

Verifile’s commitment to best practices and compliance make this synergy a natural fit for our clients that view us as a global leader in the employment screening field,” said Jason B. Morris, EmployeeScreenIQ president and chief operating officer. “Their vast experience and capabilities in Europe will allow us to offer both consultation and services that expand beyond what we currently offer.”

Both companies are the foremost authorities when it comes to educating the marketplace about employment background checks. In fact, they have already worked together to share data and consultation in combating the ongoing threat of academic fraud and the rise of the Diploma mill. Together, they will continue this commitment to collaborate on greater learning opportunities for human resource professionals.

EmployeeScreenIQ’s award-winning customer service and US marketplace leadership makes them a perfect fit for our European clients,” said Verifile managing director Eyal Ben Cohen. “With the ever growing movement of workforce between the US and Europe, EmployeeScreenIQ and Verifile can now offer greater capabilities to our global clients.”