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| Health & Social Care
April 4 2010

Former Hounslow Council Care Worker lied to bosses to hide Criminal Conviction

A social worker who covered up a criminal conviction has escaped being struck off the social care register. Jagroop Singh Liddar was slapped with a formal caution that will remain on his record for five years after the General Social Care Council (GSCC) ruled he lied to Hounslow Council while he worked for the authority between 2003 and 2008. The GSCC conduct committee found that Mr Liddar, of Crowland Avenue, Hayes, failed to disclose his criminal record - and a string of police cautions - to the council despite being asked to do so on more than one occasion.Three offences committed by Mr Liddar, for which he received police cautions, were carried out during his time with the authority. These were cautions for theft by an employee in June 2005, common assault in September the same year and destroying or damaging property in February 2007. He had earlier picked up a criminal conviction for ""fraudulently using a vehicle licence"" in September 2003. Mr Liddar applied to the GSCC to be listed on the social care register as a qualified social worker in July 2007 - but again failed to disclose his criminal record in the process. Hounslow Council fired Mr Liddar in 2008.

On March 19, the GSCC conduct committee ruled: ""The committee is mindful that acts of dishonesty ordinarily call for more serious sanctions, including removal from the register. ""However, the committee considered that the registrant 's extreme personal circumstances, namely his family break up and medical conditions, needed to be acknowledged in the commission of these acts. ""Coupled with obvious remorse and a wealth of testimonials in support, the registrants culpability is considered less serious."" During the hearing Mr Liddar told the committee his incorrect answers on employment forms and the social worker application were a ""mistake"" and he had realised this and told the relevant human resources department. He maintained he had never been dishonest and blamed his lack of judgement on bereavement, domestic violence and his marriage break-up.

The committee noted Mr Liddar had acted in a responsible manner by not working as a social worker since his dismissal from Hounslow and by seeking psychological support. A council spokesman said: "We take allegations of misconduct very seriously, and will always investigate thoroughly and take action as appropriate. In this instance, we are pleased that the GSCC confirmed the council 's decision".