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April 20 2005

Why Background Screening and CV Verification Is Crucial for Your Business

Screening the CVs of potential employees can be a time consuming and expensive process which has just become a lot quicker, easier and cost effective! Verifile, the UK's leading provider of CV Verification & Background Screening services, and an Umbrella Body under the Criminal Records Bureau, enables you make the most informed recruitment decisions by:

  • Verifying the educational, career and personal facts presented on each candidate CV
  • Thoroughly checking potentially critical information such as criminal and credit histories.
The service is:
  • Highly affordable for businesses of all sizes
  • Quick - with results usually returned within 5 working days
  • An entirely trouble-free process for you.
Using Verifile can help you:
  • Dramatically reduce staff turnover costs
  • Save significant sums on administration overheads
  • Reduce the serious risk of recruitment fraud
  • Ensure compliance with changing Employment Regulations
  • Build a first-rate employee-base
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Verifile is registered under the Data Protection Act and all services provided by Verifile are insured through Lloyd 's of London.