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Verifile uses cutting-edge, high security internet technology

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Who we are

Verifile Limited is a leading provider of global CV verification and background screening services. We provide a comprehensive range of screening services to help our clients verify vital personal, professional and educational facts about each candidate, before making a recruitment decision. The aim is to help employers make the most informed and rewarding long-term recruitment decisions.

Verifile’s services can be used for both pre-employment screening or post-employment screening. Post-employment screening ensures you are aware of changes in circumstances surrounding your staff’s ability to perform their duties. Verifile was established in 2004 and serves over 1,000 clients across a variety of industries. We customise our employment screening services to all levels of recruitment. We hold all statutory and professional memberships to provide pre-employment screening solutions.

Verifile uses cutting-edge, secure Internet technology to automate and streamline the screening process. We use a variety of sources for obtaining the information our clients require. We only conduct our screening with the express consent of the individual. Verifile is not a private investigator.

Verifile invests heavily in innovation and has a wide range of unique products and services which we also offer to the other screening companies we work with. Among these unique services are:

The automated employment and income verification service.

All services provided by Verifile are insured through Lloyd’s of London.

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