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May 26 2016

The 37th International Conference of Data Protection & Privacy Commissioners - Some Observations

"The annual conference of the world 's data protection regulators is a three-day exercise, with half of the conference being ""closed door"" for the regulators only, and the other half being a series of side meetings and presentations, which report out to interested attendees the results of the closed door meetings. This is a good meeting to gain insight in the next year 's trends in data protection regulation and enforcement across the globe. The events in the European Court of Justice and the impending completion of the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) made this year 's conference particularly interesting. The one consistent theme which can be taken away is that the environment is still highly volatile, the ball (of compliance) will continue to be moved, and businesses who rely on the cross-border transfers of data will need to be highly agile in order to respond to the implementation of new rules and enforcement priorities over the coming years."