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| Education
March 29 2016

NYU Moves To Remove Criminal Background Check Questions On College Application Forms

New York University is taking steps to remove the criminal background check question on their college application forms.
By doing this, prospective students would no longer have to divulge if they've run afoul of the law.
Could this be the new frontier of Ban the Box? Since 2007, the ubiquitous college entry form used by more than 600 schools has required applicants to disclose their criminal backgrounds. "Especially in the context of high rates of school discipline and incarceration among people of color, it seems vital to pose two questions about the checkboxes," NYU's vice president for enrollment management MJ Knoll-Finn said in a letter to the Common Application chief Paul Mott and board chair Gil Villanueva.
 Bottom line is that universities should weigh these important concerns before "opting-out" on this complex issue. Of course, we all want to be fair in our employment and admission standards but we need to understand the potential risks of doing so.