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May 19 2014

A New Handy Guide to Global DPAs

"DLA Piper has attacked the problem of surveying the world's data protection laws and regulations with a handy online and interactive guidebook for which they've released version 2.0. It begins with a map of the world, with countries colored to indicate the strength of their privacy laws and then you have tabbed options for turning the page to see a specific country's law, regulator contact information and then specifics on how a country regulates anything from infosecurity to breaches to electronic marketing. It's also possible to set two countries side by side and compare the way they regulate date protection. They offer a mobile interface, or you can download all of the information in a readable PDF. ""People are saying, 'You're crazy to give away this kind of information,'"" said DLA Piper Partner Patrick Van Eecke. ""But our strategy is that we can give away this kind of information because we want to get into more complex legal situations like developing strategies for data protection."" There are 65 different jurisdictions covered in the tool. As a living, breathing online organism, it will require almost constant updates so as not to become quickly outdated. "